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My House at 214 South Pearl Street
House at 214 South Pearl StreetI've lived in this house since May 1997, and it's my dream house. I'm renovating it almost entirely by myself. It is a lifelong project - by which I mean I will never finish it.

After careful research, I selected the colors to paint the house. I painted the first floor of the front and hired someone to do the second floor. It costs a fortune - at least for a good painter - so I'm doing one side at a time. Once the front was finished, I started saving to have the side that faces the street done. However, I made a big mistake - I hired a cheap painter. His work was absolutely terrible, and he worked on it for six months whenever he felt like it. I have now hired a reputable painter, who will hopefully find time to fit me in soon.

The house is mostly brick with wooden trim. Interestingly, the bricks on the front of the house are of much better quality than the rest of the house. I guess it's to make a good first impression. The house still has its original slate roof.

If you click on the picture to make it larger, you can see the gardenias in bloom.

You can look at layouts of the first and second floors, along with pictures of the rooms - and what renovations have been done and are planned.

I have kept a diary of the renovations of some of the rooms. They're sort of like a very, very slow moving soap opera with no plot.

You can read about the ever evolving yard.

You can also read about the history of the house.

Here are pictures that were taken of the exterior of the house by the realtor before buying it - just to give you an idea of the changes..

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