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About the Natchez Women's Book Society

A Musical Party In days of old, there were salons where the intelligentsia would gather and discuss the issues of the day. A town with any sophistication included its own Book Society. (Check History.) Today in Natchez, where life still emulates the antebellum age, there is a group of ladies who gather to discuss books, and other issues of interest. Perhaps you would like to join them. If so, they would welcome you in true Southern tradition. Just send them a note and let them know of your interest. 
The Society meets on the fourth Monday of every month (except May and December) at 7 pm. The proprietress of Turning Pages on Franklin Street has graciously allowed the ladies to utilize her accommodations for the gatherings. As you can see from History, it was common for the bookseller to host the book society.  Young Woman Reading 
Woman Reading in a Garden Each month a different member of the Society selects a book of her choosing and leads the discussion. Check the Programe. To determine if this is an appropriate Society for you, look at the Rules — and to see who else belongs, look at the Members.  
Paintings on the Natchez Women's Book Society section of this website are by Mary Cassatt, an American painter from the 1800s and were copied from the collection at CGFA - A Virtual Art Museum. Her self portrait is shown here.  Self Portrait 

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