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We Go to the Races!

Inspired by the book Seabiscuit, we plan our first ever field trip. To see pictures and press coverage from the event itself, check the Scrapbook. (Pictures below are from the movie - click to make them larger.)

Seabiscuit 3 What races? The Natchez Race at the Fairgrounds Race Track in New Orleans on Saturday, March 6, 2004. To check out the fairgrounds, go to their website.

Seabiscuit 4How do we get there? We are chartering a bus. We won’t know how much the bus will cost for sure until we see how many are coming. However, we have to pay to reserve the bus. So, if you’re coming, please send a check for $35 payable to Natchez Bus Lines. We’ll make up the difference the day of the event.

Seabiscuit 1When and where do we depart? We will meet the bus at the Natchez Visitors Center at 8 am sharp on Saturday, March 6. We will probably leave the Fairgrounds around 4 pm.

Seabiscuit 2What do we wear? The most important question! The Fairgrounds prohibits shorts, sandals, and wind suits, and gentlemen are requested to wear sports coats. We decided that since Seabiscuit started this whole thing, we should dress as if we were going to see Seabiscuit in the thirties. Here is a website that shows fashions for the thirties: Use this for ideas. The only minimum requirement for our group is a hat and gloves. You may be as creative as you wish, and we’re hoping for an interesting fashion show! See examples in the picture below.

Thirties FashionsWho’s coming? As of today, we have 16 women attending our Day at the Races. I’ve listed them below. Be sure to check if someone is missing from the list that should be coming. If anyone else would like to come, just send an email. It costs $22.50, which includes lunch. We can keep adding as long as there are tickets available - and space on the bus. (Those in italics were added later, bring our total to 21.)

Leigh Anderson
Ella Atkins
Gwen Ball
Nancy Biglane

Joyce Borum
Karen Callaway
Susan Davis
Karen Foley
Teedy Gascon
Diana Glaze
Rosemary Hall
Casey Hughes
Jack Kelly
Carolyn Kirk
Joan McLemore
Martha Mitchell
Virginia Newby
Dorothy Perkins
Carolyn Redhead

Judy Stahlman
Dawn Taylor


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